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“MyHouseMove arrived on time for my house valuation, gave me useful insight into what price I would expect to achieve, and great advice on how best to present my property for a quick sale. It sold in just 15 days; we were delighted. It meant we could put an offer on the house we wanted to move to and secure that sale. Selling a house is supposed to be stressful isn’t it? With MyHousemove it simply wasn’t!”

Whether buying or letting your home, you’ll need to know how much it could be worth.

We recommend you prepare in advance for your valuation so that you show the property in its best light, then invite in to give you a professional market appraisal.  Alternatively we can in many cases, based on our local knowledge and previous sales within the area give you a remote appraisal.


Tips for presenting your property

Make sure your house is clean and tidy, making use of your storage areas to leave a clutter free environment that helps provide a sense of space and shows you take care of the property. 

Talk to us about the positive aspects of the property, its location and added benefits. And bring to our attention any alterations, enhancements to the property such as an extension, new kitchen or bathroom.  This would be a good time to find any planning documents, certificates and warranties etc. and have them to hand for your solicitor when the sale progresses or should any potential purchasers have any questions.

If looking to sell your property, talk about your reasons for moving in a positive way – perhaps to downsize, to move to a new area to be closer to work/family, to gain an extra bedroom etc. and express how you’ve enjoyed living in the property.

Be mindful too about your timescales – how quickly would you like to move? And try and pre-empt any barriers to sale by carrying out simple repairs, redecoration and garden maintenance to show the house is cared for. You’re more likely to achieve your asking price if the property is presented as well as it can be. A few cosmetic enhancements can make a big difference.


Your valuation with

If you’ve invited one of our representatives to give you a professional market appraisal on the value of your property – what can you expect?

We’ll agree a time to visit your property and assess its worth. We’ll take into account its current condition, its location and what similar properties in your area have sold for recently. Plus we’ll take into account market conditions and how quickly you’d like to sell.

We’ll share our local and market knowledge with you, so you get a feel for the property value you can expect to achieve.

We’ll always aim to attain the best market price for your property, but this may not mean we provide the highest valuation. We believe in putting a realistic price on a property, based on our knowledge and experience of current market conditions, the number of prospective purchasers in the market, and the condition of similar properties on the market.

We’ll talk to you about your priorities – whether it’s to move quickly, to wait for the right buyer or the right offer, and agree a price that meets your approval.

And we’ll explain our fee structure so you can consider our different options for selling your property.


To arrange your no obligation, free of charge valuation, please call us on 02920 026 198 or email




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